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1.  In A Memory
2.  Black Swan
3. Unlit Match
4. Time For A Change
5. Without Love
6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7. Some Kind of Wonderful
8. Rainy Day Lovin'
9. Intermission (Instrumental by Jeb Hart)
10. Rainy Day Lovin'
11. Mr. Know It All
12. Breathe In Let Go
13. Put Your Records On
14. Half As Strong As You
15. Bluebird
16. BONUS TRACK- Press Play

"Acoustic Christmas Sessions- Lucky For Me"- released November 2013

"Acoustic Christmas Sessions"- Track List
1. The Christmas Song
2. Baby It's Cold Outside
3. White Christmas
4. Lucky For Me
5. Miss You Most 

                  "Living Your Dream"- released March 6, 2012

         "Living Your Dream" Track List
         1. Dreams Held Hostage
         2. How to Be Beautiful
         3. Bluebird
         4. Rainy Day Lovin
         5. Someone New To Forget
         6. Breathe In Let Go 
         7. Kiss and Makeup 
         8. Living Your Dream 
         9. Make My Own Day
         10. Forever Young

 Single- "Bluebird" released June 22, 2011

          second chances album

Single "Living Your Dream" released  May 1, 2011

          second chances album

Danika Holmes debut album "Second Chances"-  Released March 2010
          second chances album

         "Second Chances" track list: 
          1. Half As Strong As You 
          2. Unlit Match 
          3. You Make A Bad Day Good 
          4. Annie May 
          5. Lock Me in Tonight 
          6. If You Love Me, Just Say It
          7. Sounds Like Goodbye 
          8. Time for a Change 
          9. Pockets Full of Gold 
          10. Second Chances 
          Bonus Track: Dear Friends